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In an increasingly global, fast moving, knowledge-based economy, organisations must react to change by processing information and making decisions quickly. At the same time, they must cut the costs of doing business as the global market maintains its stranglehold and travel becomes more costly, more complex, and less convenient.

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Video conferencing is an ideal alternative because image and audio quality have been improving continually while costs have dramatically dropped. In the past, the video communications market was limited to high-end users but in recent years the appearance of entry level products and intense competition has made videoconferencing more affordable. Videoconferencing not only solves typical business needs but answers social concerns as well. For example, it can bring quality education to remote under-developed areas. Finally, video conferencing reduces the environmental impact of travelling that face-to-face communications requires.

Video ConferencingThanks to breakthroughs in affordable communication bandwidth, the experience of using videoconferencing is now very similar to the quality of broadcast or satellite television, but giving a two-way, fully interactive experience instead.

In addition multipoint connections are extremely stable and fully managed by advancing technologies. Data transmission security is at the forefront of research, and the systems we recommend integrate state-of-the-art security.

In the near future video communications will become an everyday sight in businesses, homes and schools, thanks to the development of multifunctional hardware and high bandwidth networks.

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