Projector Installation

Ceiling mounting your projector needs a few things to be considered

  • The ideal location for the projector is dependent on the size of the image to be displayed
  • Installation of power into the ceiling space by our qualified Electricians
  • Cables to be run such as HDMI to allow the presentation from the computer
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What our clients say;

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Projector Screen Installation

A good projector screen will provide you with the best picture quality possible. It should have a black border, which the human eye uses to frame the image, usually with a flat white projection material to provide accurate colour reproduction.

Choosing the best screen requires quite a few factors to be considered

  • What is the aspect ratio of the projector and image to be used
  • How many people will be in the room where the presentation is taking place
  • Is there any structural limitations of the projector to screen placement
  • How far away from the screen are the people that are viewing the image
  • Height of the room and where the bottom of the screen is likely to be
  • How is the screen to be mounted

Once take the room dimensions and the other factors, some maths will provide us with the right screen for the space

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