We see this as a significant shift in the audio space especially those that need assistive hearing technology and even the rest of us that would prefer better sound quality in noisy environments

Introducing AURI™, the first complete solution powered by Ampetronic and Listen Technologies, featuring Auracast™ broadcast audio technology. What sets AURI™ apart?

No more pairing struggles – Auracast™ broadcasts audio directly to unlimited receivers and hearing aids.

· Broadcast audio for dedicated receivers and personal devices
· Scalable solution for large or small spaces
· Configurable for open or secure multichannel audio

Auracast™ sets a new standard for Bluetooth® Low Energy audio, broadcasting simultaneously to an unlimited number of compatible devices. With AURI™, venues and end users can adopt this groundbreaking technology now.

The future of assistive listening is here!

AURI™ will be available in Australia later in 2024.

Assistive Hearing Technology is Changing

Announcement from Listen Technologies and Ampertronic…

In the heart of innovation two industry leaders have joined forces to redefine the landscape of assistive listening technology meet Ampetronic and Listen Technologies Pioneers in audio accessibility collaborating to lead an evolution in assistive listening in a ground-breaking partnership.

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are unveiling the first complete installed assistive listening system featuring Auracast™ broadcast audio technology.

Auracast™ game changing standard for Bluetooth low energy audio revolutionises how individuals Access Audio in public places. No more pairing struggles, it broadcasts audio directly to an unlimited number of receivers and hearing aids within its range.

As active members of the Bluetooth special interest group Sig, Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are at the Forefront of making this new technology as reliable and widespread as possible.

Ampetronic and Listen’s collaboration extends to leading hearing aid manufacturers, microphone manufacturers, and audio infrastructure companies. Creating a robust and reliable technology platform the new solution offers networked installation transmitters providing multi-channel broadcast for small to medium sized rooms. Along with options for open or secure transmission dedicated receivers and charging bases ensure accessibility for users without Auracast™ certified devices and with a range of accessories available from headphones to neckloops, this solution caters to diverse needs

Together Ampetronic and Listen Technologies are a genuine Global leader in hearing assistance and that gives us a very exciting opportunity to pioneer this new technology and help to improve accessibility and inclusion for future generations the Auri product line will definitely help accelerate the adoption of Auracast™

It makes it realistic for use in large public environments. We have here a system that meets all of the demands of Professional installation with network control and network audio it’s optimized for range and for robustness so Auri is going to work for any scale of venue.

It’s certainly going to take many years before all end users have their own Auracast™ devices but the Auri receiver platform means venues can adopt the technology now and still meet the needs of accessibility legislation together Listen Technology and Ampetronic share a passion for providing exceptional audio experiences for individuals and venues the development of Auri signifies a pivotal moment in our dedication and innovation to creating accessible experiences

Why does this matter… the World Health Organization predicts 2.5 billion people will have some degree of hearing loss by 2050 Ampetronic and Listen Technology’s new platform will transform hearing assistance in public spaces from classrooms to stadiums airport terminals to attractions this system is designed for reliability and performance they’re not just enhancing sound quality they’re transforming the way we listen. Ampetronic and Listen Technologies together leading the evolution of assistive listening with Auri

Assistive Listening for Everyone