Document Cameras

visioNext has a great range of document cameras from Canon and Lumens for all purposes.

  • cl500More Free Working Surface and View
  • No Reflection and No Hot Spot
  • Easy Positioning with Light Square Indication
  • Built-in Light Intensity Sensor
  • Easy Install and maintenance
  • Split Screen for Side by Side Image Display
  • Seamless Switch Between PC and Camera Video Output
  • Built-in Ethernet connection
  • 20 fps Live Progressive Output
  • DC152 XGA resolution with DVI, VGA and C-Video outputs.
  • 20 frames per seconds provide solid and stable image output.
  • Cold Cathode lamp on a flixible gooseneck design provides rich colour spectrum and reflaction free illumination.
  • Flexible gooseneck design to capture objects or documents from any angles, at any surfaces or any depths.
  • Simple to use one-finger focus adjustment.
  • 32 images can be captured internally or output via USB to PC
  • Internal power supply. No messy external power brick to lose.

  • projector accessoriesXGA Resolution Creates Sharp Image
  • Progressive Display without any Flickering
  • Best companion of Data Projectors
  • Large Shooting Area about A3 size
  • Compact and Light Weight Design, 4.5kg only
  • Built-in Storage up to 16 Frames
  • Advanced DVI Interface
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