Finding the Best Video Conferencing Solution 

To find the correct Video Conferencing Solution for your environment can be a daunting task. Since Covid the use of applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet has increased dramatically. Our experience with how well it works though can be quite varied.

Often the rooms have been set up in a rush to accomodate staff now working from home in this new hybrid workplace

Several factors must be considered, room coverage for both microphones and speakers, camera positioning, echo cancellation, audio quality, room acoustics, and ease of use. Not all solutions are created equal. Even some of the big brands under perform in our opinion


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Video Conferencing Solution
huddle room

Small Huddle Room 2-6 people
With minimal people and small room dimensions we tend sit much closer to the display. Ideally a wide angle camera to ensure that everyone is captured in the field of view. Microphones and speakers tend not to be distrubuted throughout the room so an all-in-one videobar is ideal for these environments.

Great solutions for huddle spaces are – Yealink UVC40 and A20, Bose VB-S, Logitech MeetUp and Rallybar Mini, Poly Studio X30

Medium Room

Medium Room 8-16 people
This size room is quite common in many organisations as there main boardroom. As more people are seated in these spaces there is a requirement to need more coverage with microphones and speakers. This is particulary true with acoustically poor environments that echo a lot. It is even more important to get the microphone as close to the person speaking as possible so you can be heard.

Great solutions for a medium rooms are – Yealink UVC84, UVC86 and A30 with additional microphone/speakers, Bose VB-1, Logitech Rallybar with additional microphones, Poly Studio X52

large conference room

Large Room 16-36 people
Large spaces can be quite complex to be able to hear everything clearly and just as importantly, to be able to be heard from where you are seated
People are seated further back so large displays are required with a camera that can provide large space coverage in conjunction with more microphones and speakers.
Camera technologies like automatic presenter tracking and autoframing along with beam steering microphone technology come into there own in these size rooms.

Integrated solutions for large rooms are – Yealink UVC84, UVC86 with additional microphone/speakers, Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling, Poly Studio G7500 and EagleEye IV


example 02 9999 9999
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