Hosted Video Conferencing Software

Do you have a business that requires any easy way to communicate with staff and customers?


More and more businesses are looking to video conferencing software to make  video calls. The single biggest issue many organisations face is that it needs to be cost effective and easy to use.

Lifesize recently announced their hosted video conferencing infrastructure, Lifesize Connections,  to allow easy connection between multiple parties at the same time.

Previously the business was faced with purchasing a large system, typically in head office, to be able to act as the meeting host. This provided the ability for multiple sites to each connect to the host where a composite signal of all connected sites was then broadcast back out to each party. This allowed everyone to ‘see’ each other during the video call. As you can imagine this host unit is costly and greatly impacted on the network requirements at that site.

Now with the release of Lifesize Connections it will allow up to 9 parties to connect at the same time without the expense of installing large host equipment or expensive network infrastructure.

One of the single biggest breakthroughs is the ability to connect a laptop or desktop based individual easily with a large Boardroom system with its sophisticated cameras and microphones. Just download the video conferencing software for free and connect through to the Boardroom system via the Connections collaboration portal

No more IT needing to set up everything before hand. The entire connection and firewall traversal is now handled by the Connections cloud based solution.

The 7 Biggest Benefits To Your  Business

  • Easy connection between a Laptop and Boardroom
  • Secure connectivity
  • 9 way video calling
  • HD quality
  • Free guest invitations (connect in minutes)
  • Low entry pricing (from $360 ex GST/pa)
  • User friendly web admin console

Connections enables easy video calls to be made with suppliers, remote staff, customers, patients,  and colleagues inside or outside your organisation…. without IT even being involved!

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