Signage Software

Digital Signage Software is a critical component in any deployment. Whether it is a single screen or an entire global network of displays that need to be managed.

Essentially the Signage Software is the brains of the system. Managing what, where and when components of your message are to be displayed.

Beyond the complete management, more sophisticated systems can manage touch screen wayfinding screens. Integrate with other information outside of the signage network

For example; Pull in information residing in a booking or calendar system to display up to date information automatically. If you have business information you wish to display this could be “pulled” from Excel spreadsheet data with easy integration. This way staff never have to touch the digital signage management software, they just simply save new data to a share folder that the sigange software looks at and automatically pulls the information in ready to display

Easily control one or more displays remotely. Via the centralised management software you have complete control of the player that is driving the screen display.

Deliver the right message at the right time to the most appropriate audience

  • Greater message impact by using full-motion, full-colour video.
  • Ability to change the message faster, more easily and less expensively compared with replacing printed signage.
  • Ability to trigger messages based on time of the day, day of week – even event parameters.
  • Ability to provide regional, local and even site-specific content efficiently and inexpensively.


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