Multi Screen Control

Control Multiple LCD or Plasma Screens from One PC


Presenter is a multi screen control which is a combination of hardware and software, which allows one Windows PC to drive and control up to 16 screens

simultaneously and independently!

Each screen has its own Windows desktop and can be programmed to work completely independent of the other 15 screens – just as though there were 16 separate computers…

Today.s PCs are extremely fast. Even when you type as fast as you can, the vast majority of your computer.s processing power goes unused. Just as the largest computers (mainframes) have been timeshared for decades, Presenter software takes that extra power on your PC and distributes it among multiple processes operating their physically attached monitors.

Accordingly, each monitor and each process get the power it needs, when it needs it. The Presenter.s operating software integrates itself with the Windows operating system using patented technology and extends the standard Windows multi-user capabilities to support multiple sets of active remote monitors. Each remote monitor has its own desktop with its own unique settings and can run the same or different applications simultaneously. An optional Remote Connector Box adds Touch Screen capacities to each remote monitor, transforming it to an interactive Kiosk station.

multi screen control