Control Systems

AMX, Crestron, RTi, Calypso Control Systems

With all the technology available to us all today, it is often a major problem just learning how it all works. It can also provide headaches for those staff that have to support the technology.

A properly set up control system can make life much easier when it comes to operating all the various pieces of hardware involved in a typical Boardroom or training room. By pressing one button these controllers can activate all the various functions of the devices to make your request happen.

t4For example…press “projector on” we could have the controller;

  1. turn on the projector
  2. drop down the screen
  3. dim the lights
  4. switch the projector to PC input
  5. Turn the sound to PC input

As you can see this can greatly simplify even the most complex of installations

How easy does it get….we have a school that allows their 9 and 10 year old students to get the hall ready for a presentation.

Simply by pressing 1 button!!!






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