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small video conferencing system by Lifesize Passport

If you are looking for the convenience of a small video conferencing system to fit on your desk LifeSize revolutionizes face-to-face HD video communications. Introducing LifeSize® Passport™ – the most flexible, affordable, easy-to-use HD video communications system ever for small video conferencing spaces

Lifesize_passportLifeSize Passport is the first and only HD video system to deliver telepresence quality and unmatched simplicity at a price point that enables broad deployment to every knowledge worker in your organization. And with its compact form factor, LifeSize Passport is the first truly portable telepresence quality system – Passport is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.
  • HD Video. HD 1280×720 30fps
  • HD Audio. Wideband audio
  • 16:9 Layout. Send and receive in 16:9 widescreen to fit in with HD room based systems
  • HD Camera. Static camera with in-built microphone or Optional PTZ camera for larger groups
  • Standards Based. Interoperable with SIP based endpoints and infrastructure
  • Asymmetric bandwidth. Optimises both send and receive video quality over ADSL
  • Point to Point. Ideal for keeping in touch with team members
  • Easy to Use. Intuitive and familiar user interface


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