Video ConferencingThe period of video conferencing as a luxurious alternative for the company jet are over. Video conferencing is in its early years of development and growth, but already it is rapidly gaining ground as a vital business tool.

Why?…. Importantly more than half of our communication relies specifically on body language, leaving us with less than 40% for the tone of our voice, & just 7% to the content of our words. It is by far the best face to face alternative to flying available today.

Video conferencing is a mechanism that enables you to communicate with many people over large distances using live video.  Once only fitting in the budget for large enterprise level companies, the use of video conferencing in the mass market is now creating a desire for video service at the Small to Medium Business level.

A multi-site conference is now possible linking 2 or more sites together.  Some systems are able to connect up to 6 sites together, more sites would usually use a service to connect locations. This is a bridging service, which can connect to a virtually unlimited number of video conferencing sites.

Video conferencing is used increasingly in courtrooms, staff recruitment, remote medicinal diagnosis, shareholder broadcasts, training centres, new product launches, or to broadcast demonstrations, such as medical procedures in operating rooms.  It now makes it easy to connect with people anywhere across the world so your next meeting feels like being there.

Video conferencing is now more cost effective than ever, environmentally friendly and can help make your business more sustainable.  It costs substantially less than traveling and participants will never have to leave their office. It has now provided a mechanism that can make meetings more focused so you get more done and reach decisions quickly.

Video communications is leaving the dedicated video conference room and becoming a standard communication tool and part of the individual’s daily workflow.

As staff become increasingly mobile so too must the systems that support them. Staff do not need to sit in a large telepresence room to connect with co-workers or partners or to collaborate on projects.  For basic video conferencing there is no additional hardware required beyond a basic web camera to get started. You simply login to the website and download software directly to your computer.

Check out the new Lifesize Connections cloud based solution for connecting traditional room systems with company desktop users or even guests outside the organisation

Reduce the expense, time and environmental impact of travel at the same time strengthen relationships with face to face communication.  High definition meeting can now be conducted using the technology to host ‘face to face’ meetings with employees, remote locations, suppliers and clients irrespective of where they are located for approximately the cost of a telephone conference.

Customers tell us that the savings by eliminating travel and lost time for a meeting has covered the investment of a video conferencing solution within a short period.

Video conferencing in high definition (HD) provides superb resolution, flexible camera angles, high frame rates and a more personal experience.  Video Conferencing allows you to do all this, while reducing the cost, downtime and stress of travel.  Defy geographic borders at a reduced cost with the video conference experience.

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