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Once the preserve of the super wealthy, large or highly successful corporations or government department with large budgets, good quality audio visual equipment is now affordable for everyone.  The world has moved on since technology such as slide projectors were first introduced in the 1950s, and audio visual equipment that we often take for granted today such as video conferencing would have amazed those first early projector operators.  The decision for businesses today is not so much how affordable the latest technology is or how easy it is to use, but rather how to choose between the huge range of brands and types of equipment that is on the market today.

capture whiteboard notes to computer

Depending on their size, many businesses today have a requirement for some form of audio visual equipment, whether it takes the form of common electronic whiteboards or projectors, or even more complex solutions such as video and audio conferencing, video walls or forms of digital signage.  It has been widely recognised since the eighties and nineties that businesses can use technology to help their employees in all aspects of their work, but especially when it comes to training.

For example, as part of the U.S. Department of Labor, the OSHA Office of Training and Education published an article in 1996 on the effectiveness of the use of both visual and oral presentations in training.  They found that after a 3 day event, people remembered 65 per cent of the information presented with visual and oral aids, 35 per cent from a visual presentation, and only 10 per cent from a purely spoken presentation.*

Internal learning and development is a large part of business today, and there is a range of technology that can enhance any business environment, including products such as Mimio Capture, which allows training facilitators to capture notes from their whiteboard to their computer for later review and distribution.

Starting with the humble whiteboard in people’s offices to today’s electronic whiteboards that can capture and print an entire day’s brainstorming session, technology has been steadily making the business place a more efficient and organised place to be.

Remember the days of early telephone conferencing?  In the majority of cases the connection could be slow and unreliable, with experienced members of the IT department having to be on standby in case of technical failure.  Thankfully those days are over, and today companies can take advantage of the very latest technologies such as wireless conference phones that are incredibly easy to install and use, as well as SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) systems.

Getting the right advice, and ensuring a professional audio visual installation is critical to ensuring that your business gets maximum value for money as well as the appropriate system for you.  VISIONEXT can provide you with a range of the latest technology including digital hardware and software, audio visual and web conferencing systems, LCD and DLP projectors and whiteboards.  We can also provide a hassle-free projector and screen installation service for all your presentation needs.  Contact us to find out how we can help you enhance your business today!


*Source: OSHA Office of Training and Education

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