SMART® PodiumTM 624 Interactive Pen Display

For those situations where are full size SMART interactive display is just not practical. The SMART Podium 624 is ideal to integrate into a lectern in your lecture theatre, in a control center environment, or even in office environments

The SMART Podium allows the presenter to face the audience whilst being able to interact and mark up their presentation. Making it ideal for lecture theatres.

The Control Room environment typically has a large array of screens making it physically too large to be able to stand in front and present. A SMART Podium placed back at a controllers desk makes it much easier to write over the top of what ever is being displayed on the “big screen”

Key features:

  • 24” capacitive touch screen
  • 10 touch points with palm rejection
  • EMR (electromagnetic resonance) cordless pen with eraser and optional cloth tether
  • Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • DVI-I & USB ports
  • 4 buttons on display: black, red, blue and SMART ink toolbar
  • Adjustable stand  
  • Available with SMART Learning Suite software for Education
  • Available with SMART Meeting Pro software for Corporate
  • HDCP-compliant
  • DVI out VESA mount
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 3 cables provided: VGA to DVI-I / HDMI to DVI-I / DVI-D to DVI-I
  • Gesture support: pinch, zoom, rotate
  • Standard 3-year warranty on Podium; 1-year warranty on pen