SMART Learning Suite Online is getting a brand-new name and look!



What does it mean for you? 


Starting June 26th, the SMART Learning Suite Online software you have come to know and love will be renamed to Lumio by SMART.

The team at SMART is responsive to their customer’s feedback. Many teachers said that the SMART Learning Suite Online name was a mouthful.  Some educators abbreviated the name to the SLSO or SMART Suite. Thus, the name change to Lumio, which by the way was inspired by luminescence, the spark of learning, and the reason for the firefly in the logo.

Just to be clear, nothing is changing about your favourite features and functions of the SMART Learning Suite. Everything stays the same, teachers and students view, the same sign-in and your content remains where it is. The only changes are to the name and logo. 


Just in case you are new to the SMART Learning Suite;

  • SMART Notebook is desktop software that helps you to create interactive presentations and offers a variety of ways to enhance presenting interactive lessons
  • Lumio (SMART Learning Suite Online) allows teachers cloud-based access to SMART’S education software allowing you to open interactive lessons anywhere on any device and share them with any student device

Check out this quick video that explains it all



Click the image below to start your FREE trial

It’s still FREE to trial the software and you’re not restricted to a trial period and have 50MB of storage for your content.

Free SMART Learning Suite Online Software


Want to step up to the Premium Subscription?

SMART Learning Suite is a subscription that bundles LumioTM by SMART, for engagement everywhere on student devices, and SMART Notebook, for dynamic lessons on your interactive display.

What are the main benefits of the subscription?

Lumio: Student engagement everywhere. Transform lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their devices, wherever they are.

  • Easily transform PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Notebook files into lessons with interactive activities, games, group workspaces, and assessment tools, built right in. Teachers can even combine different file types into a single Lumio lesson.
  • It’s both a powerful learning tool and a huge time-saver, letting teachers transform lessons in seconds, then deliver them to students’ devices in a browser via Google or in Microsoft Teams.
  • Lumio is flexible, giving teachers so many ways to make lessons more active and giving students more choice in how they learn, all while making learning visible to both teachers and students.
  • Its unique ability to support group work and collaboration makes Lumio the most dynamic and versatile tool for delivering engaging, effective lessons through students’ devices.






If you’re ready to upgrade to the SMART Learning Suite Premium subscription

There are big discounts for bulk license purchases

OR call the Visionext team on 1300 139292 to discuss your requirements