SMART Kapp – The World’s First Whiteboard That Fits In Your Pocket

Do you struggle to get everyone on the same page in a meeting, or even find it difficult to get everyone to the meeting in the first place.

So How Does It Work?

Simply write and draw on the capture board as you would on a regular whiteboard. You connect a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device to the capture board . When you connect your mobile device for the first time, you are forwarded to download the SMART Kapp app. Either the Apples App Store for your iPhone and iPad. Alternately for your Android device you are forwarded to Google Play store.

After you download and install the app, you can use it to connect to your capture board and share content with others

Transfer your notes to your mobile device as an image for easy sharing. Alternately you can transfer to a USB drive attached directly to the board.

Available in 42″ portrait and 84″ landscape formats

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  • The Whiteboard for the 21st Century

    The first fully collaborative whiteboard that is easy to share notes with everyone even if you are not comfortable with technology

    Quick and Easy to Get Started

    Unbox and Just Plug it in. Start working with your colleagues in the room and even outside the room. You don’t even need to get IT involved to get started.

    Superb Writing

    A beautiful smooth surface to write on and erase away cleanly makes it the easiest whiteboard to use with any dry-erase marker.

    When You Want To Connect with the SMART Kapp

    Use the Apple iOS or Android app to easily connect your phone or tablet to the board, or connect via your computer

    Share Your Brilliance

    Up to 250 people can be invited using the premium app, 5 with the regular app.

    Store For Later Reference

    You can save as JPEG or PDF files and store so you can refer to them days, weeks or months later. Even use your favourite storage location such as Evernote™, Google Drive™ and Dropbox™.

    For Your Protection

    As soon as you disconnect the details you have shared are deleted.

    Use The Device You Already Have

    Compatible with Apple iOS devices like iPad and your iPhone. Also works with Android devices like Samsung phone and tablets, ASUS tablets and many more

    SMART kapp 84
    SMART Kapp collaboration whiteboard

    Available in;

    42 inch portrait or the large 84″ inch landscape

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