SMART Kapp iQ – Now, anyone can contribute to a meeting – from anywhere, on any device

What happens when people are missing from your meeting or you need to work with a team that are located in different states, or countries?

It is often extremely difficult and uneconomical to bring everyone together to move your project forward. Phone conferences work OK but are not ideal as attention can be quickly lost with remote staff.

Video conferencing can be costly and doesn’t always work well when you are trying to use the whiteboard to brainstorm


It’s True Multi-way Collaboration

SMART kapp iQ lets everyone, whether in the meeting room or classroom, see what is being written in real time. But it doesn’t stop there.
Every participant can contribute to the display from their device.
When they do, their writing instantly appears on the kapp iQ display and on everyone else’s device

SMART Kapp iQ collaboration whiteboard and UHD touch display

So How Does It Work?

Pick up the black or red stylus and start writing. It’s that easy.
The interactive display recognises you are writing just as you would on a regular whiteboard. Once connected via a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device to the display the real power starts. Now you can share your notes with up to 250 participants

Invited participants can not only view the notes in real time but can also contribute. They can select pen tools and start writing and you will see their notes appear on your kapp iQ

All the notes are automatically transferred via your mobile device to easily share as an image or PDF. Other participants can keep their own notes on their device

Available in 65″, 75″ and 86″ landscape formats

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