Week 3 of our SMART Learning Suite for Early Learning webinar series. The final presentation in this series tailored for child care educators.

It covers SMART Learning Suite Online and how it can be used in an Early Learning setting, along with many other tools for creating exciting lessons in a child care centre

The video covers;

  • Using “Selfie” roll call to help reduce anxiety at drop off
  • Recreating stories in a digital environment to help instruct story telling and sequences
  • Creating counting worksheets
  • Using image transitions
  • Snipping images from SMART Ink document viewer and PDF’s and send to SMART Notebook
  • Introduction to SMART Learning Suite Online the cloud based application for sharing lessons
  • Find out how to remotely control the board from anywhere in the room
  • Introducing the new SMART “widgets” – Interactive Spinner, Timer, Clock and Dice
  • Building games with LAB (Lesson Activity Builder)
  • Send the games to children’s tablet as well as using the game at the board
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