SMART® Board 6000 Series Interactive Display

SMART 6065 interactive display

The most outstanding display available matched with SMART touch technology provides a
premium interactive whiteboard display.

The UltraHD resolution gives you far higher detail on screen making images much more life-like
HDMI digital input keeps the highest quality connection between your computer and screen to
maximise the superior quality screen

SMART Learning Suite® software is included with every display.

Arguably the best Education software in the world for interactive lessons along with the best interactive display gives you an unbeatable package for your classroom
Available in 2 different sizes. the 65″ and the new large 75″

8 simultaneous touch points so that students and a teacher can stand at the display can pinch, zoom, rotate and flip content without any interference with each other. It provides such a natural feel that it quickly becomes second nature

SilkTouch glass surface

Easy glide glass surface provides a low friction feel so that you can use the display all day without any discomfort

multiple pen users

Use the display without fear of interruption from fellow students when using your pen. Grab your pen and use a different coloured ink from the student next to you all at the same time. That’s PenID and Object Awareness all working seamlessly to make the display perfectly easy to use

SMART NotebookIncluded with every SMART 6000 series display is arguably the worlds best Education software, SMART Learning Suite.

Designed to smoothly function with the interactive display, SMART learning Suite software is designed by teachers to create inspiring lessons for your students

Lessons are easily constructed from a mass of FREE resources available in SMART Exchange

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  • SMART 6065

    SMART 6065


    121 x 68 cm display dimensions

    142 x 80 cm display dimensions

    165 x 93 cm display dimensions

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