The MimioTeach interactive system makes it easy

If you have a standard whiteboard on your wall already then the mimioTeach interactive system could well be what suits your requirements. It works with a projector and a computer just like every other interactive whiteboard based system. Where it is different is that it is a portable device that retrofits to your existing standard whiteboard

Easy to use and very portable;

  • Place our unique device – a compact bar – on your existing whiteboard
  • Connect your computer to a projector
  • Access everything on your computer from your whiteboard
  • Create engaging lessons with MimioStudio software

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The MimioCapture module allows you to write with markers on your whiteboard and have it recorded straight to your computer

  • Create a complete, accurate copy of whiteboard notes and drawings in colour, in the format of your choice.
  • Convert handwriting to text in documents.
  • Save everything you write or draw on your whiteboard in documents you can save, edit, and share later.*

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*When used with the MimioTeach system.

MimioMobile collaboration app helps you get more from your mobile tablets and phones in the classroom


  • Works with Android and Apple based phones and tablets
  • Share student work to the board at the front of the room
  • Teachers can create assessments on the board which can be any combination of short-answer, short-essay, numeric, and multiple-choice student responses
  • Responses are then recorded via the student tablet/phone and recorded instantly back to the teacher’s computer

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The MimioVote™ assessment system lets you gauge student understanding instantly, at any point during a lesson, with maximum class participation. It simplifies assessment, grading, and record-keeping:

  • Lead an impromptu quiz.
  • Display and discuss the results with your class immediately.
  • Enjoy automatic scoring and record-keeping.
  • Review, modify, or download final results into spreadsheets.
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Your students can learn more because they can see more.

The MimioView™ document camera allows you to instantly capture pictures and live video.

  • Incorporate pictures and live videos into your lesson, on the spot.
  • Instantly access editing and storage features.
  • Show textbook content, objects, or live demonstrations.
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