Teaching this year has been turned on its head. The remote learning experience tested the resilience of both teachers & students alike.

Who’d have thought that teaching via ZOOM would be the new normal?
As you are all aware, Your SMART Board can help you keep you students engaged whether they’re in the classroom, remote or both!  Even though you’re all probably experts by now, we thought we would put together this easy “How to Guide’ – Run Zoom on a SMART board.

The ZOOM’s android app is now available from the App Store on SMART Board interactive displays with iQ android embedded computing. You can launch the Zoom app directly on your SMART Board, and then screen share all your whiteboard activities, web browser and other apps to your students, while they watch you ink and annotate in real-time!  It keeps your students fully engaged in the learning experience.

You can also connect any Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Chrome device to your SMART Board for a high-quality experience sharing screens, audio, and video with Zoom. 

N.B. You will need to install a webcam with a microphone if you wish to communicate during a call. Ones like the little Logitech C930e, our new favourite JCreate’s JVCU100, or the more sophisticated Logitech MeetUp. 

Once the webcam is connected to the smart board, the display can be shared with any computer visible on the screen


Not sure where to plug it in? Please contact us and we will help to show you how

OK, so let’s start with the basics – How to Install the ZOOM app on your SMART Board.

  1. On your smart board from the home screen – tap apps
  2. Select the zoom app and install. Once you have the app installed you can access it from your home screen

That’s It!

Next, let’s take a look at how to use Zoom to teach students in class and at home at the same time. You will use both a computer and the smart board to share your lessons with your students at home.

This short video explains how simple it is or you can also follow the steps below.

Step 1. First from your computer log in to Zoom and create a meeting

Start the meeting, turn on the camera and the microphone and then join the zoom meeting and invite your students as you normally would, then launch the Zoom app on your panel. 

Step 2. Now you’re ready to share your smart board

Tap the panel and choose the green button at the bottom that says share screen. Choose screen from the pop-up menu. Once you do that everything that you show or interact with on your Smart Board at the front of the class is also shown to remote students who are connected to this Zoom meeting.

If your computer camera is turned on, your personal video of you and the smart board will also be shared simultaneously. The best part is that you can use all of the smart board tools you would normally use in front of the class and share this with your remote students at the same time.

When you are finished with your lesson, simply tap on the panel and choose the red button that says stop sharing.

It’s that effortless to share the same lesson to your students who are in class and remote at the same time allowing you to deliver the same content to all students no matter where they are.

This next video goes into more detail on How to Share via ZOOM with your students on your SMART Board

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