SMART announced a major release of the SMART Learning Suite Online (now called “Lumio”) at the beginning of 2021 ready for the new school year. Many of you have been head down in the classroom and perhaps haven’t had a chance to check out all the amazing new features.

There are many significant product enhancements that I will update you on in this post, but what stands out first is the refreshed website & the new trial model.

If you are new to Lumio (previously SMART Learning Suite Online or SLSO) as we call it, it’s a web-based software that helps teachers create engaging lessons students interact with through their devices, in class, remotely, or on their own time.

It’s a flexible tool that supports active learning and collaboration by giving teachers the power to transform lesson content, ignite engagement, and capture insight into learning.

This video gives you a bit of an overview.


SMART Learning Suite works with all your existing tools

Easily import ready-made and existing lessons and content including YouTube videos, PowerPoint and PDF files, or Google Workspace for Education documents, to create new lessons and supporting material

SMART Works with Google Microsoft PDF PowerPoint and YouTube

What’s New – Refreshed Website


A new SLS Lesson Showcase lets teachers explore resources directly in SMART Learning Suite Online. You can find resources on Distance Learning, manage your classroom, Emotional Literacy, new manipulatives and more, and easily add them to their lesson library with one click. There is also specific information to help school administrators install and manage licenses. How it works

  • Add your existing lessons including PowerPoint, PDF, and Google Suite files or grab ready-made resources including YouTube videos.
  • Enhance content with interactive lessons, games and assessments. Create collaborative workspaces on the fly and easily add team-based activities like Monster Quiz and Shout-it-Out.
  • Effortlessly switch between teacher-paced and student-paced learning to deliver lessons the way you want and boost engagement with game-based activities and assessments.

explore thousands of school educational lessons

What’s New – Trial now based on storage not time!

    • Customers who try SMART Learning Suite for free are no longer restricted by a trial period. You can create lessons and use Lumio (previously SLSO) indefinitely with the only restriction being a maximum storage limit of 50MB. This gives you the opportunity to really see how it works over an extended period of time, create some resources and then upgrade to a paid license when you are ready.
    • It’s also great for teachers who might move schools that don’t have Lumio (previously SLSO). It allows them to take some of their key resources with them.
Free SMART Learning Suite Online Software

What’s New – Enhanced Game-based Activities

    • Edit handouts and workspaces: Teachers will now have the option to change handouts and workspaces back into presentation pages so that they can edit the activities.
    • Add a question or title field to Shout it Out activities: A question or a title can be added during activity creation and will be displayed at the top of the activity for students to see.
    • Image enhancements in activities 
      • Image magnification: Teachers and students can click the magnification icon to enlarge images in Rank Order, Super Sort, Flip Out and Match ‘em Up! activities.
        • Bing image search: Teachers can search for images using Bing directly within activity templates.
        • Add images in Game Show and Speed Up activities: Images can be used for both questions and answers.
    • Customised themes for more activities: Teachers can customise the look and feel of Flip Out and Fill in the Blanks activities by changing background and item images.



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