We recently held a webinar series to help some of our new education clients to upgrade their SMART Board & SMART Learning Suite Online Skills.

We were fortunate to have Molly Turner, Education Consultant at SMART Technologies lead the NESA accredited webinar sessions. The aim of the webinar series was to provide knowledge and also the opportunity for the participants to use these skills to create content and actually put into practice during each session.

We thought we would share these webinars with you to help as a kick start if you have a new SMART board or simply as a refresher.

In this session, Foundation Course, teachers explore all the functionality of the iQ module including white-boarding, screen share, and using the browser. This session also delves into connecting devices and using existing resources like PowerPoint, PDF, and Word documents with SMART Ink so teachers can annotate and mark-up directly into the resources.

Unfortunately, we had some tech problems with the Zoom recording on the day (Yes, even tech-heads like us have issues!!). The first 9:48 minutes was re-recorded and edited in later. There are a few sync issues that we have tried to edit and match to the video but I am sure you will forgive us!

Look out for our future posts for webinars 2 & 3 in this series:

Webinar 2 – Notebook 101: In this session, teachers explore all the interactive features of Notebook available in the free software as well as the new tools and features in the bonus subscription to SMART Learning Suite. Among other content, the session covers how to create engaging and interactive games in SMART Lab and how to capture student data and analytics in SMART Response to assist in differentiating programs, and inform teaching, learning and planning. 

Webinar 3 – SMART Learning Suite Online: In this session, teachers explore SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO), the cloud-based platform. The session focuses on how to share resources (PDFs, PowerPoints or Notebooks) with students digitally, have them work collaboratively on activities or individually. The session explores ways to enhance these resources with inbuilt thinking routines, gamification and formative assessments. The session also demonstrates how a teacher can use SLSO in contemporary approaches in pedagogy including learning anywhere, anytime, self-paced learning, differentiated learning, student voice and choice, PBLs and flipped learning.


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