Take all of your students to Avanti’s World

We’re so excited to announce that Avanti’s World has opened its gates to all ClassVR users – start exploring the world’s first educational virtual reality theme park today! & it’s all free to ClassVR users until July 2021!

What is Avanti’s World?

Avanti’s World is a fully immersive and interactive virtual reality theme park where students can explore various subject lands, including geography, science and history independently, as a group, or in a teacher-controlled environment.  Get started with Avanti’s World! To start exploring the incredible virtual lands of Avanti’s World, you will need to follow three simple steps: 1. Create an Avantis account 2. Connect your Avantis account to your ClassVR portal player 3. Activate your free subscription Follow the instructions in the video links above and begin exploring! 

Explore the Virtual Lands


Super Science Land

Any science experiment is possible in Super Science Land! Experience animals to atoms to everything in between.


Engaging Earth Land

Discover our amazing planet like never before, from geology to biomes, Engaging Earth Land transports you across the world



Trip Through Time Land

Time travel just became a reality in Trip Through Time Land. Go back in time to the middle ages or roaming with the dinosaurs, anywhere is possible.



Access to Avanti’s World Online

We’re so excited to be able to offer you this amazing Edtech product that takes virtual reality content to the next level. Each virtual land within Avanti’s World comes with a comprehensive set of educational resources, assessment and reporting tools to ensure you’re getting the most out of every lesson – all accessible from any web browser.

Check out how Emmanuel College has been using ClassVR to bring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into their classroom.


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